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The Florida Commercial vehicle and Cargo Theft Task Force was established to combat crimes targeting commercial motor vehicles traveling throughout the State of Florida. The task force was formed through partnerships between federal, state, local, and private law enforcement agencies.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Florida Commercial Vehicle and Cargo Theft Task Force is to serve as an agent to facilitate the use of intelligence to address theft hotspots; identify and dismantle criminal organizations; aid in the recovery of stolen property and to assist in relentlessly attacking those organized groups who, through their criminal acts, pose a serious threat to the transportation supply chain and Florida’s economy.

Goals: Education, Investigations and Partnerships

Objectives: To assist inter-agency cooperation between Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies to provide safety and security of the transportation supply chain throughout the State of Florida


The task force steering committee meets multiple times each year to coordinate statewide efforts to combat cargo theft and commercial vehicle crimes. Quarterly newsletters are diseminated to update committee members of the current trends and efforts.